A psychic is forced to lead a spiritual sitting in order to locate drug money for cartel thugs, but when a slain kingpin's evil spirit is unleashed and begins possessing him, he must commune with this vengeful force in order to save his family and his soul.

Edgar Ravenwood, a renowned psychic and onetime bestselling author, has already been humiliated on pay-per-view by a skeptic, survived a car wreck and near death experience, and lost his eldest daughter in the process, so when his latest manuscript is rejected, it's hardly the worst day of his life. But he's still clearly grieving and down in the dumps when his friend offers the use of a luxury beach house for the weekend. A peaceful getaway by the sea awaits the troubled spiritualist and his family as they try to cope with their loss and move on.

But little does he know, the house once belonged to slain drug lord Claudio Ruiz Montero, the victim of a DEA sting years earlier that turned into a bloodbath. When a gang of ex-cartel thugs, led by Sancho, arrive by Zodiac raft in the dead of night, Edgar soon finds himself held captive along with his teenage children, Brett and Emily. Brett is shot while resisting and soon lies bleeding, in critical condition.

When Sancho lays out their demands, it is clear that this is no random home invasion. Montero went to his grave with many dark secrets, including the whereabouts of 25 million in cash, and Sancho wants Edgar to use his unique abilities to contact the deceased kingpin's spirit to find the hidden loot. Then, and only then, will young Brett get the medical attention he needs and Edgar and his family be released unharmed.

Edgar must perform a séance, reaching out to the other side and summoning Montero's ghost before his own son crosses over. But as the spiritual sitting unfolds, it becomes obvious that Montero's soul is coming straight from hell and has only bloody revenge on his afterlife agenda. One by one, the disembodied drug lord begins turning the men against each other, before settling on Edgar as his vessel of vengeance.

As shady DEA agents set their own plan in motion, and the evil spirit of Montero continues to possess him, Edgar must harness this vengeful supernatural force and channel it the best he can, to save his family, while at the same time uncovering the larger conspiracy afoot.


Possession is more than nine-tenths of the law.

Script Excerpt
Written by:
Starring Roles For:
Oscar Isaac
Benicio Del Toro
Sean Penn
In the Vein Of:
Desperate Hours
The Dead Zone
Author Bio:
John Christopher has studied filmmaking at the Academy of Art College San Francisco, and SUNY Empire State College. He is the author of more than 40 original feature-length screenplays, mostly action / suspense-thrillers, several of which have been recently optioned. He has placed in several contests or received honorable mentions. "Wake", a psychological-thriller, was recognized as a quarter-finalist in the Final Draft/Big Break Contest (top 10% of 6,000 entries) and in the American Zoetrope contest, also as a quarter-finalist.

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