In The Cut

In The Cut follows two street smart, dysfunctional best friends turned business partners, Nita James and Will Durado, she's fiery and unpredictable, he's driven and neurotic, as they kiss the corporate music world goodbye to start their own indie label. Now Will & Nita run the show, call the shots and occasionally let their ego and pride sidetrack their dreams as they struggle to achieve success … on their own terms.

Written by:
TV Pilot
Author Bio:
Born and raised in Philadelphia, I was fortunate to have lived and learned life in a melting pot of social, economic and ethnic diversity. Having witnessed racial, social and economic conflict, as well as synergies, has provided me with a diverse perspective and insight. With over 15 years of experience in the entertainment industry, Will has successfully built and managed large scale VFX, Animation, 3D Conversion & R&D facilities in Los Angeles, Luoyang China, Pune India, Hong Kong and Toronto.

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