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GENRES: Thriller, Crime "Bones" meets "The Following" Pilot Log Line: A woman is forced to reconcile for the negligent deaths of two girls or die at the hands of a mysterious male voice over a prepaid phone and his chipper, pixie helper. Season One Log Line: After surviving a self-inflicted mutilation, the first victim of enigmatic serial killer, searches for allies, while flirting a *dangerous liaison with her attacker. Series Log Line: A determined survivor teams up with a career driven detective, in an attempt to stop a demonic entity who will trade the life of his only surviving victim for the lives of his next one hundred. *"Dangerous Liaisons" is a story of two people who lack the courage to admit they love each other, and so they spend their energies destroying the loves of others. They describe as cynicism what is really depravity and are so hardened to the ordinary feelings of life that only one emotion can destroy them. (source: "dangerous liaison meaning" - BING) liaison (n.) - A usually secretive or illicit sexual relationship. (source:https://www.audioenglish.org/d...)

Written by: Mike W. Rogers    

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Format: TV Pilot
Posted: 03/27/2019
Updated: 05/18/2019
Author Bio:
Michael William Lally Rogers was born in Alexandria, Virginia and raised in Newport, Rhode Island. The younger brother of a Navy S.E.A.L. and the son of a Dr. of Statistics from Stanford University, Mike stopped trying at an early age. Like most who have given up all hope of eclipsing their father's or even older brother's accomplishments, Mike turned to writing, more as a defense mechanism than some grandiose call to the written word. Born with Dyslexia, the written word, a nemesis, Mike's compass points Nord away from literature, "the unintelligible art".

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