Four lifelong friends go on a search to find a mythological island, which is rumored to grant immortality.

Four childhood friends from Galway get together during summertime and decide to take a seven-day vacation to catch up and (jokingly) find the island of Hy-Brasil, which they were all fascinated with as kids. They rent a boat and sail to the mythical island, not expecting to find it, until they reach its shores. On Hy-Brasil, the friends stumble upon an ancient Irish castle in the fog housing the sole inhabitant of the island, the magician Dagda. Dagda explains that he’s been on the island since the 1400s and he is immortal. The friends ask Dagda for immortality and as each person gives a reason, Dagda rejects them and explains that it’s a curse he can’t get rid of. After a few days, Dagda plays his harp to control the weather and take the boat away from the island. The next morning, the friends decide to leave early because they’re scared of Dagda’s intentions but find that their boat has disappeared. Thinking it moved along the coast, they slightly spread out to find the boat and come across Dagda. He tells them that death is the greatest gift a natural life offers. He asks if they want to live out the rest of their natural lives on the island with him or if they want to die now. The friends attempt to attack Dagda until they realize it’s pointless to try to kill him. They accept their fate of oblivion in the shadow of eternity.

Written by:
Starring Roles For:
Liam Neeson
Brendan Gleeson
In the Vein Of:
Highlander (1986)
The Man From Earth (2007)
Author Bio:
My name is Alia Zeid and I’m a screenwriter based in Campbell, CA. I’ve written six short film scripts, three feature screenplays, two televisions pilots, and one spec script over the past three years, the first script being a comedy pilot I wrote in university. I’ve gotten multiple festival awards for my projects. My artistic perspective is highly influenced by anime and East Asian cinema because I grew up with a Japanese best friend who introduced me to the world of anime at a young age.

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Page Turner - Feature/TV Genre (Quarterfinalist) [2020]
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