Sky Squadron

A gangly emu enrolls in elite Sky Squadron Academy determined to learn to fly, risking banishment from his emu community if he fails.

An emu, Errol, watches in awe as two Peregrine Falcons soar in a scorching Australian blue sky overhead. Desperate to learn to fly, he enrols in the Sky Squadron Academy, despite the threat of banishment from his emu community. When he arrives at the academy Errol is ridiculed, but due to the opening of a Nature Reserve to the public, the Sky Squadron must accept all enrolees. What’s the harm? Only the elite pass to earn their three letter graduation name. Errol can’t even fly. Errol gains new friends, but also a new enemy – Instructor Tes, a resentful polecat, determined to fail the outcast, ragtag group of recruits who weren’t selected for a bird branch (fraternity). As the recruits sleep soundly on their first night, they’re suddenly woken for their first test! A sky race that counts for one third of their final graduate score. Errol fails dismally, but his theory instructor, an old buzzard, befriends and encourages him to pursue his dream. With renewed energy, Errol and his mates surprisingly pass the tests on survival, speed and deception. Tes is livid – a flightless bird in the Sky Squadron would be a total embarrassment. So, Tes arranges to ‘make it harder’ for Errol in the next test – instead of having to outwit Tes like everyone else, Errol must evade capture from a cheetah. Crikey! Tes then manipulates Errol into a do-or-die bet – that Errol will pass the last three tests, or he and his mates leave the academy. Errol agrees. His mates aren’t happy when they find out. Without warning, human bird hunters illegally enter the Reserve ahead of the official open date. It’s ‘all wings in the sky’ for the worried Sky Squadron. They head into battle with all students except Errol, to drive the hunters out; further announcing the mission replaces the last test. This effectively means that Errol will automatically fail. Expelled from the Sky Squadron and with no home to return to, Errol witnesses the capture of the Sky Squadron’s elite peregrine falcons. He returns to make a deal with the Sky Squadron leaders – rescue the falcons and drive out the hunters, in exchange for graduation. During the successful daring rescue mission, Errol is shot by a hunter during the siege. He recovers and graduates to earn his three letter graduation name. This is Errol’s journey to understand and accept who he is, and that to make a difference in his world, he doesn’t need to be able to fly.

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Born to European parents in Australia, and through my global travels, I have always had exposure to many cultures, characters and situations. This all adds up to many enriching experiences and story ideas. Through my past and current vocations as a project manager, amateur theatre actor, youth counsellor, school teacher and sports coach, I observe and engage with many different people. I began writing for fun as a tween. My natural passion for storytelling has expanded to a full time hobby.

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ScreenCraft Animation (Semifinalist) [2019]
Page Turner - First 15 (Quarterfinalist) [2019]