Blood of the Manor

An orphaned teen must choose to run for the rest of her life, or find out what happened to her sister and facing a deranged familial spirit out to kill her.

"Blood of the Manor” is a story about a lonely artist and closet Goth-girl Jena (19), desperate to find her sister – missing after a family car crash five years earlier. Her sister’s body was never found. Jena, suffering depression and recurring nightmares unable to help her sister out of the flaming car wreck, withdrew into her art world. Soon after inheriting her artist grandfather’s Gothic manor, Jena loses her art scholarship. She has no alternative but to move into the creepy manor she has avoided all her life. Jena is keen to sell, but no-one wants to buy it. Once at the manor, Jena encounters clues in relation to her sister’s disappearance – her voice, her apparition, her perfume. Jena then meets the mysterious Elizabeth (21), who claims to be an orphaned family cousin living in secret there. The two women soon develop a strong bond. Elizabeth warns Jena of the manor’s ancestral guardian, Rado (13). His spirit is trapped inside a headless doll, but visitors accidentally keep letting him out. Elizabeth must recall him immediately because he keeps killing, to feed blood to the manor and win its favour. Through the circumstances of his own death, Rado cannot enter any building, including the manor. He believes that if he feeds the manor with the blood of strangers, and kills the family’s last living heir, Jena, the manor will accept him and permit him to move in. After discovering a mysterious death inside the manor, Jena realises that no-one and nothing is what it appears to be – Elizabeth is a ghost, as are several of the animals that frequent the manor. And she is no closer to finding out what happened to her sister. Emotionally lost, Jena runs. In a letter from her late grandfather, she learns her destiny is as the manor’s next guardian. To survive and protect the manor, Jena must move in permanently. If she runs, she will die. Jena seeks out her only living relative, her deranged auntie, who confirms the contents of her grandfather’s letter. When Jena is away from the manor, Rado relentlessly hunts her down. The only safe place for her is inside the manor. In desperation, Jena flees to her sister’s grave. After hearing her sister’s empowering, spiritual words, Jena returns to the manor. But, Rado has cleverly found a way to safely enter the manor. Jena has no alternative but to confront him in a life or death battle. This is Jena’s journey to discover and accept what happened to her sister, find her place in her family and a new purposeful life.

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Born to European parents in Australia, and through my global travels, I have always had exposure to many cultures, characters and situations. This all adds up to many enriching experiences and story ideas. Through my past and current vocations as a project manager, amateur theatre actor, youth counsellor, school teacher and sports coach, I observe and engage with many different people. I began writing for fun as a tween. My natural passion for storytelling has expanded to a full time hobby.

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Creative Screenwriting (Semifinalist) [2019]
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