When a descendant of the Teutonic Order finds photos of UFOs with swastikas on a hidden Nazi train, she sets out to reveal a hidden retreat in Antarctica, but no one seems to be her ally.

Predatory journalist Max Gerlich blackmails two board members, each from a listed competitor, with a photo of them making love.

The Grand Master of the Teutonic Order, introduces her daughter Lili Braunsteiner, who sadly suffers from German post-war guilt culture, to the only living witness to the Nazi train. On her quest to the Nazi train, Lili meets Max and they manage to upset each other's psychological balance. When Lili finds the train, there is a large store of gold bars, gemstones, diamonds and art. In an archive, Lili finds photos of UFOs with a swastika symbol on it. Lili is disappointed when Max allows his journalistic gain to dominate their relationship and as a result she manages to break down his hard defense shield.

Lili finds New Swabia, a hidden retreat of the Nazis in Antarctica and she has to face both German neo-Nazis and Nazi from Antarctica. However, Lili gets impregnated by another species at Antarctica: the Grey. She manages to get home unharmed through all kinds of adventurous scenes until she finds a postcard addressed to her father, the Grand Master. The content raises question: Is protagonist Lili Braunsteiner also a product of genetic engineering and was her father an accomplice? Is this all part of a conspiracy to accomplish the Fourth Reich?

Max changes into a vulnerable character. He deletes the photo of the two board members making love and he ends his arch.

Written by:
Starring Roles For:
Emily Blunt
Alicia von Rittberg
Anna Maria Mühe
In the Vein Of:
Nazis At The Center of the Earth
Iron Sky
Alien Hunter
Author Bio:
Born: 24 November 1967 Dutch (the Netherlands) teacher Social Studies Sociologist