Sabre Ice

Scientists thaw a frozen cavewoman and unknowingly implant modern brain matter from a convicted serial killer—an attribute they must embrace when their other experiment, two genetically-enhanced sabretooth tigers, break loose within the compound.

Terror has thawed in this riveting and jolting explosive action-thriller where horror-slasher meets creature-disaster. Cole MacAfee is a brightly-promising young psychologist who has just been flown to a secret Alaskan scientific research base for his latest subject evaluation—only she’s still encased in thirty-thousand-year-old ice, waiting for the highly-motivated team of scientists to melt and jumpstart her back to life with help from a reconstructed body and mind that includes a new-and-improved ability to speak with knowledgeable modern language. Except the piece of modern mind she’s been given has some worn miles on it, unknowingly and mistakably belonging to a convicted ruthless serial killer whose past impulses and personality traits don’t quite shut off as expected. What they had hoped to turn into a living and breathing link to prehistoric past has now become a walking and stalking nightmare of knife-slashing proportions, uncontrollably picking off unsuspecting victims one by one until eventually being detained. But just because the remaining members of the team have stopped her bloodshedding desires doesn’t mean their troubles are over, for the boldly-upgraded former cavedweller had neighboring companions in her icy tomb—two vicious sabretooth tigers that have unwittingly become the next experiment, thawed and powerfully-enhanced as part of a more devious militaristic agenda. When playing God doesn’t give the greedy and nefarious financer of the project the power to keep the beasts at bay, a whole new level of fear is reached upon the carnivorous cats breaking free from their isolation and looking to make a meal out of anything with a warm heartbeat. As the survivors try to ascend out of the subterranean compound, they soon realize their best weapon against the unleashed ferocity is to fight the past with the past by using both the experienced primordial skills and newly acquired capabilities of their imprisoned anti-heroine. But can Cole provide his professional talent wonders to psychologically keep the short-circuiting butcher balanced? Or will the group now have one more life-threatening risk among them, uncontrollably uncertain to turn on them at any moment? It’s “Deep Blue Sea” meets “Pitch Black” with a twist of 2016’s “Criminal” in a highly-original and electrifying thrill ride that’s sure to put ice in your veins.

Written by:
In the Vein Of:
Pitch Black
Deep Blue Sea
Author Bio:
Award-winning American screenwriter of widely-diverse genre titles with personal strengths relying on sharp, snappy dialogue and fantastic vision of detail to create engaging, believable, original and memorable stories. Graduate of the New York Film Academy and Brooklyn College for screenwriting.

Contest Results:
Script Lab Free (Quarterfinalist) [2020]
The Monthly Film Fest (TMFF) (Quarterfinalist) [2018]