By The Time I Got To Woodstock

1969: a young generation is letting their hair down, except for a high school sophomore who’s wound tighter than her ballerina bun. When she accidentally ends up on a magic bus to Woodstock, she goes on a long strange trip to find her true self.

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Written by:
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Kiernan Shipka

Author Bio:
I was a student at New York University's Institute of Film and Television in the 1970s. At NYU I was one year short of studying with Martin Scorsese, and I was in the same class as Amy Heckerling and Joel Silver, as a result of which someone in a bar in Reseda once bought me a drink.

I grew up with parents who met on the picket line at Disney Studios in 1941, and I spent almost thirty-five years in the labor movement on the staff of the Animation Guild Local 839 IATSE.

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