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In 2040, Athena was a middle-age who taught at the University of British Columbia but she has unusual personality,quiet , cold and so mysteriousness.she always brings the cylindrical luggage And as if her whole life has been summarized in the suitcase,she is constantly ridiculed by students .One day in one of her classes goes back to the distant past (year 2020) by arguing with one of his students And she had to tell the story of her life and acquaintance with Erfan (the main character of the story).Beyond the story, in the 2006 Erfan falls in love with a girl named Jeanne and marries her And the result of their marriage was 7 and 8 year old girls.Living in love together Until year 2016, while Jeanne was pregnant with his third child, Something bad is happening to them and Will make his a loner and also an alcoholic who cuts off the real world.he lives in dreams and fantasies with her memories.In the year 2020 Athena becomes familiar with Erfan And at that time she was beautiful, young and extremely proud and she didn't care about the men around her. she had no belief in love, She think it was futile Until suddenly, in the bad mood of Erfan,Atena had a great sense of curiosity about finding the secret to his life And so she went to his under various pretexts until She fell in love with Erfan and had no particular reason for this love.She has repeatedly expressed her interest, but he will continue to reject her and ignore her.she broke her pride several times Until Athena had to risk her life to prove her love ......

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my name is erfan yaali and i live in Iran After 4 years of writing, I finished my story. it's so unique and wonderful . I want to convert it to the film.I'm sure my story will definitely win an Oscar because I wrote it very differently and Only by reading it you can understand how unique it is and wonderful.

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Screenwriting Master (First Place, unique ) [2020]