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The Son of Amaros

Teacher angels sent to Earth commit an unforgivable sin mate with human women producing the Nephilim, hybrid human/angels which are abominations in God's eyes.

Written by: Jamie Sutliff    

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Format: Screenplay
Budget: Modest
Starring Roles For: 40s Very Tall Male Actor
a young Matthew McConnaghey type
Russell Crowe
In the Vein Of: Game of Thrones (HBO)
Posted: 06/15/2014
Updated: 03/02/2019
Author Bio: 8 novels published 99 - 013 - 7 audio books produced by Blackstone Audio Publishing released 013 worldwide venues. 12 completed screenplays -8 in progress.

Contest Results: London Independent (Finalist) [2018]
World Series (Finalist) [2016]