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When a teenage girl, who only dreams of having the perfect Prom, recruits a handsome train wreck to be her escort, her overweight, stoner boyfriend works to get his act together in time to be her perfect date.

Written by: Mike W. Rogers    

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Format: Screenplay
Starring Roles For: 17ish, 18ish, female
17ish, 18ish male
17ish, 18ish, female
In the Vein Of: Mean Girls
Posted: 11/23/2018
Updated: 01/20/2019
Author Bio:
Michael William Lally Rogers was born in Alexandria, Virginia and raised in Newport, Rhode Island. The younger brother of a Navy S.E.A.L. and the son of a Dr. of Statistics from Stamford University, Mike stopped trying at an early age. Like most who have given up all hope of eclipsing their father's or even older brother's accomplishments, Mike turned to writing, more as a defense mechanism than some grandiose call to the written word. Born with Dyslexia, the written word, a nemesis, Mike's compass points Nord away from literature, "the unintelligible art".

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